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The MERLIN smart manufacturing tool-kit makes IIoT and Industry 4.0 real


The Industrial Internet of Things. Industry 4.0. Real-time Continuous Improvement. Cyber-physical systems. The manufacturing world is swirling with buzzwords and urgency around data-driven manufacturing. But how to you make this magic real in your factory?

You do it with MERLIN. MERLIN is a proven, practical, smart manufacturing tool-kit that customers like Milwaukee Tool, Homeyer Manufacturing and Mazak use every day to connect machines, produce real-time data and create out-sized competitive advantage.

MERLIN Tempus is the software foundation of this award-winning tool-kit that:

  • Delivers a 10%-50% average productivity increase with an acknowledged industry leader
  • Earns 20%-plus profit improvement based on just a 10% increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  • Achieves payback in less than four months with an Internal Rate of Return greater than 300%
  • Ensures no machine is left behind, connecting them with MTConnect, other protocols, or MERLIN hardware adapters for older machines
  • Reveals ongoing factory productivity gains and ROI for years to come with MEMEX’s Continuous Improvement Fast-Track Services

With MERLIN, every asset on the factory floor is a node on the corporate network. And every stakeholder – from operators to engineers to production and management teams – has visibility on plant performance, efficiency and quality data that drives increased profitability.